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TeleCop screens out 100% of unwanted and unsolicited phone calls, guaranteed or your money back. You won’t even be disturbed by wrong number calls. No external database or data connection is required. Its design premise is this: While screening is enabled your phone only rings when an incoming call is from someone that you have approved in your phone’s contact list. Otherwise the call is rejected, your phone does not ring and the call goes to voicemail.

Why should TeleCop be your choice for your call screener? When TeleCop rejects a call (explained above) and the caller does not have a legitimate reason for calling you they will almost always hang up before the call goes to voicemail. If they do have a legitimate reason for calling you, such as your bank or a friend or family member calling from an unknown phone, they will leave a voicemail and you can call them back. You won’t miss any important calls.

Main features:

• TeleCop uses your phone’s existing contact list. Just select who can make your phone ring when they call (your “whitelist”) and you’re done.

• Screening starts automatically when you turn your phone on and runs silently in the background.

• Screening on/off button: Expecting an important call from an unknown number? Just turn screening off temporarily so your phone will ring when anybody calls.

• Block calls: Create a blacklist of numbers that cannot make your phone ring or leave a voicemail. TeleCop will automatically answer blacklisted calls and immediately hang up.  Available on Android versions prior to Lollipop. Please refer to the user manual for further information.

• SMS text messaging filter: TeleCop filters out incoming SMS texts from senders not in your whitelist so that you never see them. Available on Android versions prior to KitKat. Please refer to the user manual for further information.

• Direct to voicemail option for rejected calls.

• Create groupings of contacts, called profiles, that you can apply at any time. For example, create a family profile that, when applied, only they can make your phone ring. Or create a family and friends profile. Or a work profile. Create as many as you want. You’re in control of who can call you and when.

• Call history report: Very useful for users that do not have unlimited minutes and texts. Specify the first day of your billing cycle and TeleCop will display all of your calls or texts for the current billing period. Or select a start and end date and the history for that period is displayed. A summary of the total number of calls or texts and the total number of minutes is shown at the end of the report.

• Expanded call log report: You will like this if you are really curious about your phone usage. The log displays call and text dates and times; contact names or phone numbers; incoming or outgoing; when the call started and ended; whether an incoming call was accepted or rejected by the screener; and call duration in minutes and seconds. The log can be exported to a text file for viewing on your computer or tablet.

• Call someone in your contact list with a single tap.

• Full backup and restore: You won’t lose your settings or data if you get a new phone.

• No network connection is required for the screening functions. Everything TeleCop needs is stored on your phone. That’s good for your privacy and your wallet.

• No ads!

TeleCop is easy to use and has all of the features you need to take control of your phone life.

Refund Policy

Purchasers may request a refund at any time for any reason. However, if, while screening is enabled, an incoming unwanted or unsolicited call ever makes your phone ring we ask that you email us with the incoming phone number, the date and time that you received the call (from your phone's call history), and attach a copy of the TeleCop log. The log is plain text and does not contain any personally identifiable information. Please refer to the user manual for instructions on how to export the log. We ask this in order to continually improve TeleCop for everyone.

Please email your refund request to and include the purchase order number from the receipt emailed to you by Google Play.

Update history:
    - Released to production

    - Added ability to edit blacklisted numbers and notes
    - New setting to show/hide group names on the home screens
    - Added user-selectable themes (light and dark)
    - Bug fix
    - Added export log confirmation dialog

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