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Need to create a shopping/grocery list?  A to-do list?  How about a list of ingredients in a recipe?  Need to track the bugs in your software project?  Maybe you need a list to remember your homework assignments or for the names of the birds you saw at the park.  Make a checklist of items to pack before your next trip.  EZList and EZListPro make creating any type of list a breeze.

Everyone makes lists and EZList and EZListPro make it simple.  Organize all of your lists with one powerful yet easy to use software app.  Here are some of the many useful features to help you get started:

• The number of lists you can make and the number of items you can add to them is limited only by the amount of memory on your device.

• Each unique item that you add to a list is recorded in a catalog that is associated with the list.  And any list can use the catalog of any other list.  Here’s an example of this powerful feature:  Make a single shopping list and assign each list item a price and a category that represents an aisle number in a store.  Now suppose that sometimes you shop at different stores and you’ve created a catalog for each one.  When you’re ready to go shopping just select the catalog for the store where you’re going to shop.  You’ll see the item prices for that store and the aisle numbers where the items can be found in that specific store.

Via its auto-complete feature, start typing the name of a list item and the catalog will suggest a name that you previously entered.  Or if you would prefer, open and scroll through the catalog to build your list by selecting items directly from it.

• Assign each list item its own properties such as quantity, price, unit of measure and a note.

• Organize your list items by categories that you define.  A category can be an aisle number or section name in a store, a priority rating in a to-do list such as "High" and "Low", or any descriptive word(s) that you would like.  You can also sort your category names in any order that you would like.

• Integrated user manual that includes a quick start tutorial.  In the tutorial you will create a grocery list using a pre-populated catalog of over 300 typical items you would find in a grocery store.  After you’ve added your items to the list, go shopping and assign a pre-defined aisle number (1-25) or section name (e.g. “Dairy”, “Produce”, “Bakery”, etc.) to your items.  Customize your list any way that you would like.

• Merge the items from any list into any other list.  So if you’re having meatloaf tonight just merge the items from that recipe list into your grocery list.

• Share lists between devices using Bluetooth.  If you and your better half both have a grocery list, or maybe a kids’ activity list, you can transfer the items from your device and merge them into his or hers.

• Create a reminder alarm for any list item.  Just set the date and time you need to be reminded and an alarm with an animated alarm clock will get your attention.

• Have a tablet?  EZList and EZListPro can display up to 3 individual screens/windows at a time.  For example, you can see your list window, your catalog window, and the properties window for an item in the catalog all at the same time.
• Full backup and restore of all lists.

• Export, import and email individual lists.

• List options/commands:  New, Open, Delete, Copy, Rename, Merge, Save As Recipe (explained in the user manual), Select/Unselect All Items, Delete Selected Items

• Catalog options/commands:  Use, New, Copy, Rename, Merge, Clean, Delete Unused Catalog

• File options/commands:  Backup, Restore, Export, Import, Email, Send, Receive

EZList is a free app with ads and requires a data connection.
EZListPro is a paid app with no ads and does not require a data connection (except to check your Google license).

Simple.  Powerful.  Fast.  EZ!!!

Update history:
    - Released to production
    - Added user-selectable themes (light and dark)
    - Bug fixes

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